14 March 2008

Poor Baby Sam!

Elisabeth called last night to tell us that Katy and Phillip had taken Sam to the emergency room. He had not tee teed since about 9:30 yesterday morning, and he was listless. Katy called the nurse and when the nurse called back, she said to take him in. He was dehydrated, so they gave him an IV and did an ultrasound. He had some urine in his system, so he was getting something. I called about 7:30 this morning and talked to Elisabeth and she said he still had not tee teed but he was sucking down his bottles. She had taken Katy home about 4 this morning, so hopefully she is able to get some rest. She was pretty upset (understandably so!) Maybe once Sam gets some nutrients from his bottle, he'll perk right up. I'll probably post again in just a bit because I'll call for an update soon.

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