16 March 2008

I get to see Sam tomorrow!

I'm so excited about getting to see my sweet pooh! Katy and Phillip can do whatever they want--sleep, read, go for a bite to eat (if Katy feels up to leaving the house)--and I'll take perfect care of him. As long as they show me exactly how he likes his bottles, we'll be fine. I didn't babysit all those years for nothing. lol I'll probably head home (boo!) on Wednesday afternoon, but John wants to go back this weekend. We've got a few things to take to the lake, so why not take advantage of being so close? I have a very good feelling that Poppa John will take every opportunity to go see his boy. In case you haven't guessed, Poppa John is head over heels in love with Sam. (Go back and look at the picture in my previous post if you have any doubts. Everyone who has seen pictures of John with Sam has commented on how his face just glows. He doesn't even look at me like that! hahahaha) Have I said lately how BEAUTIFUL Sam is?

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