09 March 2008


John and I a fantastic evening with some of the best friends in the world last night! It was Tim's 50th birthday surprise dinner at Cochina Superior. Misty, Rodney, Amy, Steven, Allyson, and Oliver were there. Of course, everyone was surprised we were there because I'd told Susan whether we made it would be a "wait and see" with Katy and Sam. Since we were there, Sam obviously hasn't arrived. (I'm holding out for this Friday, the 14th. :) ) Anyway, Tim was surprised by the party, which was surprising. He and Susan are together all the time, so for her to be able to pull it off was probably close to a miracle. :) He's quite observant about things, too. The big surprise she had for him was a photo story of his life. Pictures from babyhood and up. She said sneaking pictures out of the house was probably one of the hardest things to do, but she did. Some of them were SOOOO funny!!! I think my favorite was the one of John and Tim when we all went to New Orleans. John was wearing a rasta man hat and Tim had on a funky hot-pink hairy looking something. I'm not sure where Rodney was. I think he was hiding, but he missed the photo op. :) I forgot my camera last night, but Amy and Susan had theirs, so maybe there are some good ones to add for Tim's next big birthday. (I get to be the next one to hit the big 5-0, and Susan will be just a month behind. Fortunately, that's not for another 9 years. lol)

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