29 February 2008

What an easy day it's been!

I'm sitting here listening to the 15 out of 28 students in my 1st block class. Yes, it's 1:30 PM, so it should be 3rd block. This is Alabama High School Graduation Exam week, so we end up with crazy schedules for 6 days. Since I have seniors, and since most all of them have passed the exam, they didn't have to come in until 11:00 this morning. I have a few who are here simply because they are athletes and they have games today. If I were 18 and I didn't have anything MAKING me be here, I certainly would've stayed home! :) I've been such a bad teacher today, too. They've all had their cell phones out playing with them, and I haven't said a word. Someone suggested that they order a pizza for lunch, and I said okay. They decided to order chicken fingers, though. Yum-O!! It's a lot of fun to get to be around them and not have to be "on." I can do that with this class. Next block will probably be completely different! I think most of them are actually here today. My question is WHY? :)

Katy's been having some Braxton Hicks contractions lately. Well, she's BEEN having them for quite a while but some of them have been really painful lately. She said in her blog that every time she has one, she can feel Sam's "melon head" pushing on her pelvis. She's going to fall so much in love with that melon head when he gets here!!! She's already in love with him, but I know having him in her arms is going to make that love even deeper than she can even begin to imagine.

Well, my 2nd block class is here now, and surprisingly, most of them are absent. There are quite a few who are on DO, so they had to leave early to go to work. Three of my guys have a baseball game today, so they went on down to the gym. There are fewer in here, but the volume is just a tad louder than 1st block. That amazes me!

I'm so looking forward to a nice, relaxing weekend. I do have some stuff to grade, but hopefully it won't take TOO long. I should be able to get pretty much caught up between this weekend and Monday. Monday is going to be an awesome day. :) I don't have to give the grad exam, and they aren't testing in my room, so I'll be able to come in and WORK! My plan is to turn off the lights and lock the door. Maybe no one will come looking for me. :) I figure if someone who has 1st block planning can come in at 8:45 or 9:00 everyday, then I can come in and hide. At least I'll be on campus where I'm supposed to be! Of course, IF Katy goes into labor, I'll be in Huntsville!!

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