26 February 2008


Boy, today has been one of "those" days! I'm not really sure what has put me in such a funky mood, but I am! There are any number of things--Dad has been in the hospital since Thursday. They finally discovered he had a severe kidney infection caused by his gall bladder not working right. So, they were supposed to remove it this morning at 9, but that was postponed until about noon. I'm assuming all is okay because I haven't heard from Mom telling me otherwise. John has been sick since Friday. Saturday night and Sunday night he woke up coughing (which woke me up.) He decided to take the day off today and go to the doctor. When I called to check on him, he said they'd told him it was either a cold or the flu--either way there was nothing they could do for him. (Seems to me they'd swab him for the flu just to know. Aren't they supposed to report the number of flu cases there are???) Granted, it has been more than the 48 hours for the flu meds, but still. I'd like to know! Katy had her 36 week check up yesterday, and she's got a slightly elevated BP. They didn't seem concerned at this point that it was anything to worry about. She's beginning to experience some nausea again, and she's also dealing with some anxiety. I'm sure a lot of that comes from the anticipation of giving birth in just a couple of weeks or so. I'm also sure that her doctors/nurses will do everything to make this a wonderful, positive experience for her, but I'm sure it's still a scary thing! The weather has just been completely nasty today, too. While John didn't wake me up coughing this morning, I did wake up about 3-3:30. Not sure what woke me up. About the time I started to doze off, Bama woke me up whining, so I got up to let him and Ali out. Back to bed--almost asleep--the weather radio goes off. Get up, turn it off, keep the pups out of the bedroom, back to bed. Ten minutes later, the radio goes off again. Get up, turn it off, don't fight to keep the dogs out of the bedroom, back to bed. Ali fell off the bed. Put her back in bed. The weather radio goes off AGAIN! Up, off, bed. It rains like crazy for a while this morning, but it finally stopped. Now the wind is howling every once in a while. And I have to play Bunco tonight. I just really want to go home and crawl in bed. Oh well. Only 3 more days until the weekend!

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