04 February 2008

Getting ready for Sam

John and I went to Katy and Phillip's in Huntsville on Saturday so John could help them get some things done before Sam arrives. I LOVED seeing them and spending the day with them; however, I, nor did the pups, did NOT love getting up at 4AM! John's plan was to get there about 9, which we did, and to be finished up around 1, which he didn't. The one trip to Lowe's turned into 2 trips, but fortunately, 2 was all it took. :) He should know by now that nothing is ever done as quickly or easily as planned. But that's okay. It was just more time to spend with K & P.

Their nursery is adorable! Sam is the only thing missing. Once he's there, it will be absolutely perfect. I can't wait to get my hands on him. Nothing is better than the sweet smell of a baby. This child will be absolutely spoiled rotten within a month of his arrival. Katy and Phillip will hate us, I'm sure, 'cause whatever Sam wants, I'm sure Papa John and Grana will give him. That IS what grandparents are for, isn't it?

We got to ride out by the lake on Sunday. The rip rap has finally been put in, and it looks so good! It's amazing at how much difference rocks make. :) I'd wanted to take some pictures, but the rain caused everything to be just a little too muddy. Of course, I'm not complaining! The lake is still down around 15 feet from summer pool, and it's still below winter pool, even. So, bring on the rain! I'm getting so excited about being able to spend lots of time out there this summer. Ali, Bama, and I will probably spend the majority of the summer there. Poor John will only be there on weekends most of the time. Maybe he can take a few long weekends over the summer.

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