06 November 2007

How much longer until the weekend??

I am so ready for the weekend to get here! John and I have been on the go practically every weekend for what seems like forever, and what are we doing this weekend? We're going to the lake! Of course, we really enjoy going there because it is so quiet and peaceful. It's just the 3 hour drive to get there and then the 3 hour drive to get home. :)

Saturday was a really fun day, even though Bama lost. Our tailgate group did a shrimp boil--yum--and several of us played touch football. Yes, I said US. I haven't played touch football since I was in high school, and on Sunday, I could tell it. It probably didn't help that I ran into the side of a truck, though. Oh yes, I did! Susan said it was like the commercial on TV where the lady runs into the side of car and falls down. I did keep DB from scoring!!

Sweet little Ali is getting spayed on Friday. It kills me to think about her being in pain, but I really don't want to have to deal with her going into heat. I remember saying that if I'd known how much pain Bama seemed to be in, I wouldn't have had him neutered, but the benefits far outweigh everything else. Besides, the day after Bama had his done, he was pretty much okay--just a little slow to try to jump on the couch. I think it was more from the anesthesia than anything.

Well, I have to make a trip to Wal-Mart (oh joy!) and it's past time for me to leave school so I'm outta here! Have a great day!


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