11 February 2008

Just waiting

Just sitting here waiting until 4:00 so I can check something on STI, so I thought I'd post a few thoughts. We went to my mom and dad's this weekend to visit. It's been a while since we were up there, and it was still a rushed trip. I'll be so glad when we're at Smith Lake and a visit is only an hour away! We rode up to the lake to take the mattresses and bed. We're storing the mattresses for Katy and Phillip, and since we have no way of getting the foundation upstairs at home, we figured we might as well take advantage of them at the lake. :) Same for Jessi's washing machine; we just haven't gotten it up there yet. lol We were by the lake last Sunday for just a couple of hours. We were pleasantly surprised to see the level is coming up. In just a week, we can tell a pretty good difference.

Katy had her doctor's appointment today. She's on weekly visits now! Wow!! This pregnancy has passed much quicker than I thought it would. Of course, I know Katy will beg to differ. I'm just so thankful that she has been able to enjoy these last few months. She was so sick for a while--we were all worried to death about her and Sam. All is going well now, and we're just counting the days! Actually, this time next month, he could easily be here! I can't wait! And Papa John is so excited, but unless you know him, you probably wouldn't be able to tell. His face just lights up though when he talks about this child.

Hey--it's after 4:00 now, so I can go to STI, do what I have to do, and GO HOME! Woo Hoo!!

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