19 December 2008

Wastin' Away Again in Margaritaville

Except I'm not in Margaritaville. I'm in Alex City. I'm sitting here at work with nothing that I HAVE to do. Grades are in and posted. The room is clean. I made the copies that I'll need for Jan. 6. I'm just waiting. Because the elementary schools didn't dismiss early, we have to hang around until 3:15. (The elementary teachers think it is SO unfair because we get out early on exam days in December and May. What they don't realize is that we have major exams to grade and record before we can leave for the day, and it's kind of hard to grade stuff while you have a room full of kids. And we don't have Christmas parties on the last day, either.)

I have a few more presents I have to wrap and I have to pack before John and I can leave for Hartselle this afternoon. Argh!

I want to stop at Whole Foods to get the cheeses and crackers that I'm taking for the lunch tomorrow. They have a HUGE selection of all different kinds--much better than what I could get at Winn Dixie. I'm sure stopping in Birmingham will excite John to death, but it won't take me but just a few minutes to run in and run out.

I guess that's it. I need to wash out my coffee cup, shut down the computer, and pack up. Hopefully, by the time I do that it will be 3:15 (or so close that it wouldn't matter...)

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!

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