09 December 2008

My REAL Christmas list

As a child, my parents always made sure that I understood what Christmas was really about, but as a child, I couldn't wait for the presents. That's just what children do. Christmases at our home were always wonderful, but when I think back, I don't necessarily remember the things I got. Oh sure, I remember the doll, the bicycle, the bulletin board, but what stands out the most in my mind is the family gatherings--the laughter, the love, the joy, the food...John and I tell our kids NOT to buy us anything, and we made the decision a while back not to spend money on each other. Christmas isn't about what is under the tree; Christmas is about making memories. Don't get me wrong...I love buying gifts for others and seeing the happiness on their faces as they open them, but the things will wear out or tear up. The memories are there forever.

I did my letter to Santa just for fun, but there are many serious things that I pray for, not only at Christmas but each and every day of the year. Here is my REAL Christmas list:

1. Cures for all childhood diseases--Nothing breaks my heart any more than to see an innocent child suffering from some horrible disease.

2. Take away all physical, mental, and emotional suffering from children--Nothing makes me any more angry than to see an innocent child suffering at the hands of another.

3. Freedom--So many people in this world have little (or no) freedom. We don't realize how blessed we are to live in this great country where we can make our own choices and do our own thing, even if someone else doesn't agree with us.

4. Safety and security for our military--I wish that all the men and women serving our country could be home with their families and friends for the holidays, but that isn't possible. I hope that they are able to have a wonderful Christmas wherever they may be.

5. Peace for all--Not just peace in the sense of no more war, but true inner peace. Each and every day someone is struggling with problems in his or her life, and so often the rest of us are completely unaware of these struggles. What may seem insignificant to one can be totally overwhelming to another.

6. Memories--I hope that each of you make many, many wonderful memories with your families and friends. We never know when it will be the last one we have. My wonderful father-in-law told us eight years ago that it would be his last one with us, and we just hushed him. After all, he'd said that for three or four years prior. Unfortunately, it was his last one. He passed away in January of the following year. I'm thankful for all the memories I have of him.

There are so many other things I could add to this list. What are the items on YOUR Christmas list? Leave me a comment adding the things you wish for.


Melanieshea said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

tammy said...

Love this post. My list would be pretty much the same as yours.

Ms. Marty said...

Just like you. You never think of the material things when it comes to what people really need. Peace, happiness, contentment. We all take those things too much for granted. Bless you, darling daughter. I love you.

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