18 December 2008

Doin' a Happy Dance :)

Semester exams are today and tomorrow, so the kids only have to come for a half day. Today is my "easy" day--I have 2nd block planning, so by 9:34 I'll be student free. My room looks like a tornado has blown through it, though. Once I've run the tests through the GradeMaster and put grades in the computer, I'll spend the rest of the morning cleaning up. The "cool peeps" as Kristen put it are going to lunch, and then I'll do whatever until this afternoon. I hope I can get finished up and get out of here a little early because I've got tons to do at home.

John and I rode down to Auburn last night to finish up shopping. Every year he says he's not going to shop the next year, but every year when I ask if he wants to go help me finish up the last minute things, he goes. And then he reminds me he isn't going the next year. Of course, I remind him that the has the option of telling me no, but I can probably count on one hand the number of times he has EVER told me no about anything. He's an awesome hubby.

We're doing our family Christmas in Hartselle on Saturday (which is our anniversary), and then on Sunday, we're going to Maggie's christening--Maggie is my great-niece for those of you who are new readers of my blog. (Sunday just happens to be my birthday, too.) Coming from a church of Christ background, christenings weren't part of what we did, and I've never been to one We didn't get to go to Will's because we were in Key West for our 10th anniversary. I'm excited and honored to get to be a part of this important event in Maggie's life.

When I started this post, the bell to start school had not rung, but it rang before I could finish. Now that it is 9:56, I need to get busy. I have the tests for 1st block scanned (two 100s! Yea!!!) I need to put them in the computer and start CLEANING!!!

Have a GREAT Friday eve!

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