11 May 2008

Weekend Update

No, this isn't a SNL Weekend Update comedy skit, so if that's what you're looking for you will probably be disappointed. I have a pretty good sense of humor (that is necessary with John as my husband), and I can be funny, but this isn't anything comedic. :)

We left about 5:30 Friday going to the lake. We'd probably been gone about an hour when I realized I left my GREEN BAG at home! Fortunately, we have everything we need at the lake as far as toiletries are concerned, but I haven't bought a hair dryer, brushes/combs, flat irons, etc. to leave up there yet. So, the hair was dried naturally all weekend long, which means it is C-U-R-L-Y and big! If John and I had decided to have a child, he or she probably would've hated us because his/her hair would've been HUGE! Anyway, not long after I realized my green bag had been left, Linda called to tell us the power was out and to give us the number so we could call and report the outage as well.

By the time we got there, it was about 10:15 (yes, it took WAY longer than usual!! Stops for gas, money, food, and one of John's new favorite stores--Hobby Lobby--will add minutes, or in this case 2 hours.) Still no power. We went to Danny and Linda's and visited with them and Billie for about an hour. When we got back to our place, we opened the windows in the bedroom. I felt like I was back at summer camp! Complete silence except for nature. No hum of electricity. Only crickets. I loved it! It took me no time to fall into the best sleep--until about 2:00 AM when I was jarred awake by the sound of the power company truck and a chain saw. They finally finished up about 2:30, and we had power.

John and the pups got up about 6 Saturday morning, which meant that I wasn't far behind. Whenever Bama is ready to get up, EVERYBODY should be ready to get up. And once his daddy was up, well, that was it! Fixed coffee and took my morning stroll down to the water. It was so calm and peaceful. Huge fish were jumping everywhere. About 7, John and I decided to fish for a little while. He caught two, but I wasn't so lucky. Linda walked over a little later, and then once Danny and Billie were up, we went to their place for a bit.

We had decided to cook-out Saturday for Mother's Day, so Mom and Dad, Connie, and Tim and Tisha came up, too. We had the best time! I've said it before, but I'm saying it again. I have to be the luckiest person in the world because I got the greatest family when I married John!! My mom and dad feel like they are a part of the Vest family, too, so that makes holidays even better because we don't have to split our time between families, which is hard since John and I don't live in the same place as either of our families. While the "guys" talked fishing and who knows what else, the "girls" sat and discussed books, recipes, and tons of other stuff. It was a very interesting conversation. Thanks Billie, Linda, Tisha, and Connie (Mom, too) for...everything. :)

After everyone left, John and I just enjoyed the quiet of the lake. We went out and fished a little more. He had one bite--it had to have been a really good side bass--but he lost it. I had two little nibbles. Oh well. It just wasn't my day for fishing. We went in and started watching the race, but I was exhausted (thanks to the 6 Benadryl I took throughout the day) so I fell asleep pretty early. About midnight, the storms began. The lightning was a constant flash, and the thunder rumbled continuously for about 45 minutes. To me, that was really soothing. The wind was a different story. Through the window,I could see the trees being whipped around. That wasn't so soothing since our lakeside "McMansion" is a 12X48 mobile home!! It finally moved on, and I was sound asleep again.

We didn't get up quite as early this morning. After being awakened two nights in a row, it was a little easier to sleep in, if you call 8:00 sleeping in. Coffee, walk to the water, ahhh--a beautiful day! Then, a little work. Anyone who thinks that lake weekenders don't do anything except vacation doesn't know what he or she is talking about because there is no vacation. Every time we're there, we have to do in one day all the stuff that we can do all during the week at home. We did the hardest part today so we won't have quite as much to do this weekend. Hopefully, we can get the yard cleaned up really well so that we CAN begin enjoying it more and working less.

The hardest part was loading up and coming home. Everytime we're up there, we enjoy ourselves so much, even if we are working our bums until they are dragging the ground. There is just nothing like hearing the sound of the water or watching the sunlight or the moonlight reflect off the smooth morning or evening lake. Even though we've lived in Dadeville just over 14 years, our little spot in Winston County feels more like home every time.

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Anonymous said...

How many times do I need to tell you and John that this week edn was the best Mother's Day I have had ever. I was with family, both biological and extended, but who can tell the difference. I love your "McMansion" by the way. The only down side to the whole place is the hedge blooms. They are murder on allergies. My flowers were and still are beautiful - still opening - the cook out was great (as always John) - the talk was the best - the crochet lessons were fun (way to go Linda). All in all it was wonderful. I only wish Eddy was in a shape to be a part of our holidays. With the help of people and the grace of God maybe we will live long enough to see that transpire. Once more - THANK YOU BOTH FOR A WONDERFUL WEEK END. Dad and I both love you both. Oh yeah, Bama and "Worm" you too.

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