15 May 2008

The Harley is gone :(

John decided a few weeks ago that he wanted to list the Harley again. I put off listing it, because I wanted to make sure that was what he really and truly wanted to do. Several times, he told me I needed to put an ad in the paper, so I did last week. He's had 4 calls about it, and one man even came by to look at it. He got the same thing--"I need to think about it." He got the 4th call last night. After hanging up, he said he didn't think this guy would buy it and that he sounded like Larry. Not being able to recall a Larry, I gave him a puzzled look and said, "The cable guy?" He said, "No, Larry from the safety class." Ohhhhh. (This is one of those "you had to be there" things. They sent Larry home from the class after the morning riding session.)

I got to work this morning and checked all my emails, and "Larry" (not his real name) had sent a reply. He was serious, and he wanted to know if John could meet him tomorrow so he could bring a certified check! I called John and told him I was forwarding the email to him.

John just called me and said it's sold. He sounds like he has lost his best friend in the entire world (which is me, by the way. tee hee) When I told him how he sounded, he said he has lost his best bike. I told him that if he really doesn't want to sell, don't! Since he hasn't gotten to ride much in the last couple of years, he said he would go through with the sell, but it is still so sad! I'm even wondering if this is the right thing to do!

The Harley motto will always be one that I love: It isn't the destination; it's the journey. We've had lots of great journeys, and I know we will miss having the bike. It's like John said, though--he can always get a new one.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you almost made me cry. I guess John has mixed emotions about the bike. He really likes to ride and of course, he can get another one. Just remember that what happens most of the time (all the time) is what is supposed to happen.


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