19 May 2008

It's here!

The last week of the school year is here! Today and tomorrow are "normal" days, except for seniors. They'll be taking their 3rd and 4th block exams tomorrow afternoon. Wednesday is 1st and 2nd block exams for everyone, and Thursday is 3rd and 4th block exams for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors. Teachers have to come Friday to finish up, and then graduation is Friday night.

Before school started this morning, Jaquetta and Jimmon, who were in my advisement until this year when they leveled the numbers, brought me flowers! They are SO pretty and bright. Then, in advisement, one of my girls made a comment about this being it, and tender-hearted me teared up. I've been one of the lucky ones with my advisement. Not every teacher has a group of kids that they really like, but I love ALL of mine!!! I've said before in a post that there are times I want to whop 'em, but heck, they ARE teenagers. Since the seniors will all be finished Wednesday, I have a feeling that when advisement is over that day, I'll be in tears again. When you spend 180 days out of the year with the same people, it is hard to say good-bye.

Since I'll be at graduation Friday night (Mr. Davidson wants all the senior advisors to sit on the field) we won't be leaving for the lake until early Saturday. John and I decided we'd just get up like it was a normal work day so we could leave early and get there before the day is gone. We've got to get some yard work done Saturday, but I told him that my bum isn't leaving the swim pier at all on Sunday! Unless something drastic happens, he'll be off work Monday, so we won't come home until later that day. I would love it if he could take off Tuesday, too.

Since he more than likely won't be off Tuesday, I'll start my summer painting project. For the last 3 summers, I've taken a room (or rooms) and painted. I started with the den, then I moved to the front bedroom, the hallway, and the breakfast room. Last summer I got the kitchen done. My goal this summer is the living room and the dining room. That will leave our bedroom to repaint and the bathroom, but it needs some work done, so I'm not touching it until John gets his part done!

We're looking forward to an awesome, relaxing summer (except for the SUPER Teacher Institute the last week in June...) We have no huge plans, but that's quite all right. We'll enjoy spending as much time as possible at the lake, and that means spending more time with family and friends. I'm quite sure that over the summer we'll be having cookouts a lot. Hmmm--family, friends, food--what could be better?

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Anonymous said...

Nothing that I can think of will be better. Just to be lazy sounds so good. Hope we don't become too much company. Of course, I'll be gone from June 20 - 28 to Mexico and after that who knows. Have a good last few days with your seniors. These are the times that make teaching the joy that it really it - that it to those of you who "WANT" to be teachers for the love of the profession.

As always, love to you. Mom

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