21 May 2008

Ahhh--a little RT

Retail Therapy--one of my favorites! It wasn't just shopping for "therapy" though. We have graduation Friday night, and the senior advisors will be sitting on the field. They want us to wear something that "blends" with the students--either something in school colors or conservative. Our graduation ceremony is by far the most dignified ceremony I think I've ever attended. Everyone in the community understands that this is the chance for the seniors to have their moment, and they abide by the rules. The seniors may complain and grumble at first, but they always come back to say they appreciate it.

Anyway, since all my school color clothes are golf shirts, T-shirts, etc., I don't think that would be quite what they have in mind. The dresses I have aren't really what I would consider conservative, either. Those of you who know me know that I'm MUCH more comfy in casual stuff--jeans, capris, etc. I'm not a "suit" person!

After work, I headed to Auburn to Dillard's. (Oh, how I miss Parisian!!! I'd have gone to Birmingham if Parisian were still around.) The stuff they had just really didn't appeal to me, so it was off to the other stores I shop in. Chico's had a cute dress, but it didn't fall into the conservative category. I love, love, love Coldwater Creek, but their stuff is a little too perky for a dignified graduation ceremony. Fortunately, there is a Talbot's in the mall. I found the perfect outfit--navy blue and definitely conservative! Of course, that meant I had to have jewelry to complement, and since I didn't have navy shoes, a stop at the shoe department in Dillard's.

Today was the last day for seniors. My advisement gave me a picture of all of us. They had matted it and put my name above the picture and "We Love You" under it. They also gave me a coffee mug with my name on it. They KNOW I love my coffee!! My next group has a lot to try to live up to. I'm not sure they will have it in them, because these young men and women are without a doubt some of the most wonderful I've ever known.

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