17 May 2008

The Harley really IS gone

The guy who bought the Harley came yesterday afternoon and got it. That is the only time anyone other than John has driven it, with the exception of the guys at the dealership when he's taken it in for servicing. It was SO sad to see it, and then to hear it, go.

John had been talking to Katy when the guy called to say he was almost here, so after they left, he called Katy back. He was telling her he'd sold it and he said that he nearly cried. In the time I've known John, he has cried twice--once when his dad died and once when Roy Watts died--both very important and influential men in his life.

This feels like one chapter in our lives has closed. It was a chapter that was full of freedom and adventure. Anyone who has never ridden motorcycles wouldn't understand. It is something riders can't explain. You either "get it" or you don't. We'll start the next chapter, and I know that it will be just as much fun and adventurous.

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