26 May 2008

I Blew Out My Flipflop

I did NOT step on a pop top, cut my heel, and have to cruise on back home. :) I seriously did blow out one of my Crocs, though, and I love them. Guess that means a trip to Kinnucan's or Dick's to get a new pair. I think I'm going to bill Danny and Linda's neighbor since it was his boat dock on their anchor line that caused their walkway to separate from their dock, and I was stepping across that spot when it blew. lol

John and I got up Saturday just like it was a work day so we could get an early start. We left home a little before 6 and got to the lake about 9. Misty, my cousin, got there about 10.

I have to digress for a minute...I have Misty to thank for John and me getting together. This is one of those "What if..." deals. After college, I was in between jobs. A friend of my mom's told her they were hiring at the hospital, so I went to put in an application. All of the jobs posted were those that I really didn't want, but at this point, I couldn't be choosy. I had rent, utilities, a car payment, car insurance, and medical insurance to pay, and my last paycheck was coming up fast. When I turned in the application, the HR receptionist, whom I've known most, if not all, my life, looked over it and asked me to have a seat. A few minutes later, the HR director called me back to her office. An opening for a receptionist/clerk in the radiology department had just become available but wasn't yet posted. Would I be interested? Uhhh--YES! She took me down to interview with the supervisor. After the interview, Pam showed me around and introduced me to several people, one of whom was the assistant director, a nice guy named John. A couple of weeks later, I was offered the job, and I took it.

Fast forward about 3 months. Misty and her best friend Monica stopped by my apartment one Saturday night. One of the guys from the X-ray dept. was having a party, and they wanted me to go. I really wasn't in the mood, so I told them I'd just stay home. They kept on, and finally Misty told me John was going to be there. Suddenly, I was a little more in the mood to go to a party. (I'd decided that I kind of liked him just a little bit.) :) Much later I found out that Misty and Monica had made up their minds that John and I needed to get together, and they were not going to take no for an answer that night. Sixteen years later, here we are. So, what if I hadn't put in an application at the hospital? What if I'd waited a couple of weeks and the receptionist job had been filled? What if I had been insistent that I would not go to that party? I think John and I still would've found our way to each other, but it might have taken a little longer.

Back to this weekend...After I fed Misty and John a delicious, gourmet lunch of hot dogs and chips, Misty and I headed down to Danny and Linda's swim pier for a little R & R and some sun. We had a really good talk--caught up on a lot of stuff. A couple of hours later, Ron and Cindy pulled up on their pontoon.

Ron and Cindy are the first friends of John's that I met, and we clicked from the beginning. Cindy and John have been friends since their school days, and he and Ron met after college. Ron was kind of John's lifesaver after his divorce. Ron let John stay out at his house on the lake for about 6 months or so. John has said so many times how he enjoyed living there. He would get up early and fish before getting ready to go to work, and then in the afternoons he would just sit and enjoy the solitude. Ron was calling me "the wife" before John and I ever even used the "L" word. :) Guess he saw something pretty early on. After they left, Misty, John, and I headed back to the trailer to clean up for dinner.

John grilled chicken for dinner (YUM!!) Danny and Linda had come down Saturday afternoon, so the five of us had a good visit.

Misty left pretty early Sunday so she could get home to see Hudson before he had to go home. John and I walked to Danny and Linda's, and then I was back in the sun. Two days of REAL sun!! Much better than a tanning bed tan for sure. Last night, John fried up some fish that Danny and Linda had caught with Tim. Talk about good. I'm surprised I didn't sprout fins overnight from eating so much.

We left about 3 today and headed home. Coming home this time wasn't quite as depressing for me. I guess it's because I know that if I wanted to, I could get up in the morning and go back. (Ah, summer vacation...) Unfortunately, my classroom still has a little that needs to be done, and the living room and dining room won't paint themselves. I hope I can get that done before the weekend gets here, but if not, I know how I'll spend this coming weekend, and it won't be in the sun.

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