23 May 2008

Just waiting...

Today was just a work day--finish with grades, clean, etc. I had all my grades done and in the computer yesterday, so all I had to do today was to wait for the registrar to run the averager at noon, print my grades, and I'd be done with that part. My plan was to clean this room and to get rid of books I inherited when I moved into this room. If you are a teacher, you know exactly what I mean. You move into a room and you have tons of stuff, but none of it is relevant to what you are teaching, or it is so old Noah probably used it on the ark. I had a cabinet FULL of old textbooks, sample textbooks from previous adoption years, workbooks, you name it. None of it has even been looked at in the two years I've been in this room. With this being our lit. adoption year, we are getting rid of all the old lit books. A company is coming in to buy them. What can be used will be, and what can't be used they will buy at tonnage. Hmmm--perfect time to clean out the old cabinet! Needless to say, right now I am covered in dust, I'm hot, and I know I'm in need of a shower! All I need to do before I can leave is to print grades. I had just started when the principal announced that we had to shut down STI for about 20 minutes because of something they needed to do system-wide. Crud. So, I'm sitting here. Just waiting.

On a more fun note--we are going to the lake tomorrow, and my cousin is coming to stay tomorrow night with us! Yea!!!

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