10 June 2010

Surgery not needed!

John went back to Dr. Rigsby today for his follow up on his wrist surgery and to plan, we thought, his neck surgery.  I was going to go, but John convinced me that it was necessary because any of the questions I had could be answered following his surgery.  So I stayed home and got part of the house cleaned.

John called me after he left the office and said that Dr. Rigsby said he doesn't want to proceed with the neck surgery after all!!  YEAAAAAA!!!!!  He feels that the problems John is having now are probably related more to arthritis and not to the discs.  Since he had the carpal tunnel surgeries, his hands haven't gone to sleep on him the first time, so I guess that was the problem all along.  And if I hadn't gone with him the first time and mentioned the way John's hands would wake him up at night, Dr. Rigsby probably would have done the neck surgery, and John would have been experiencing the same problems with his hands.  And he would have been upset that the surgery didn't work.  So even though he did end up having two surgeries, I think he owes me because he was not wanting the neck surgery at all.

My good friend Dolly emailed all the bunco group the other day begging for relief.  About a month ago, she and her husband Mike were at their house in North Carolina when she fell and sprained her ankle and broke her leg.  Dolly is an exercise fanatic, so for this past month, she's not been able to do the things she normally does, and she was beginning to go stir crazy.  So she invited us over for an afternoon of boating and floating today.  Only Anne, Sheryl, and I were able to go, but the four of us had a great time.  She said we need to try to do this about once a week.  I'm all for it.  Spending time with the girls is one of the best ways to enjoy an afternoon.  I'd even arrange my trips to Smith Lake around hanging out with the bunco babes on Lake Martin.  LOL 

Tomorrow will be a busy day.  I need to finish cleaning what I didn't get to today.  I need to run to Auburn, too, because I have to get Jessi something for her shower on Sunday, and I need to buy groceries for this weekend.  John and I are going to the lake tomorrow after he gets home, and on Saturday, Susan and Tim are coming over to grill out.  We're going to celebrate them becoming lakers again.  They had a lot until a year or so ago, but they decided to sell and try to find something they can use now.  They did, and they are doing the closing tomorrow. 

Since it's a busy day tomorrow, I should try to get some shut eye.  I'm thinking a Simply Sleep may be in order.  The whole time I was at the beach, I was dead to the world by 9:30, but I had the craziest dreams.  Since I've been home, I haven't been going to bed nearly as early, but when I do, I cannot fall asleep, and then I'm waking up around 3.  It is seriously making me crazy.  I don't function very well on little sleep.

As always, have a GREAT day!

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