25 June 2010

On my book list

So far this summer, I haven't read nearly as much as I usually do, but we've been busier this summer than usual.  I haven't spent an entire week at the lake yet!  (That's coming up next week, and then maybe a couple of weeks after.)

But I have read a few books.  I think I started off with The Secret Life of Bees.  I actually started reading this before school was out when I had my last week of dungeon duty (aka bus duty.)  Because I was reading it only sporadically, it took me a couple of weeks to finish.  (I KNOW!  It's not a long book, and it isn't a hard one to read.)  I finished it at the beach, and then I read something else while we were there, but for the life of me, I cannot remember the name of it.  I enjoyed it, though.  LOL

I currently have two books going at the same time:  one here and one at the lake.  Usually, I finish one before I start another, but I left The White Queen (love me a book about the English monarchy) here when I went to the lake, so I grabbed another one from my bag (don't remember the name of it, either.) 

I also read Making Rounds with Oscar.  I strongly recommend that one for anyone who is having to learn to live with Alzheimer's as a family member/caregiver.  Yes, Oscar does spend time with nursing home patients who are in their final hours, but the stories that Dr. Dosa shares about family members of those Oscar visited explain as much about being the husband, wife, son, or daughter of an Alzheimer's patient as it does about Oscar showing us how important it is just to spend time with them.  I can see my husband and his brothers and sister in some of the people in the book...the desire to hold on to what is left of the person their mother was, the avoidance of making the decision to place her in a facility for dementia patients.  It's hard.

In my bag, I have Deja Dead (this series is the basis for the show Bones), A Change in Altitude, In the Lake of the Woods, The Sound and the Fury,  and Beowulf.  The last two are primarily to take to school, but I would like to re-read them before the summer is over.  In the Lake is by Tim O'Brien who has a short story in our 11th grade lit book.  I thought I'd get it, read it, and take it to school.  Some of my guys might enjoy it.

Do I think I'll finish everything?  Probably not.  I think I got a little book happy this summer, but that's okay.  They won't go anywhere.  IF we didn't have so much going on, and I had spent a couple of weeks at the lake already, I wouldn't have had any problem reading all of them, but some things take precedence. 

We're leaving Sunday to go to the lake for a week.  We would have gone today when John got home, but Jess and Lance have a couple's shower tomorrow, and we're going to that.  (Precedence!)  I'm sure I'll finish the two I have going now.  I may get another couple read before summer (my summer...) is over.  Heck, I may get all of them read if I stop doing anything else and simply read.  hahaha 

As always, have a GREAT day!

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tammy said...

The lake and reading sounds heavenly!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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