15 June 2010

Summertime in Alabama

Even though it isn't officially summer yet, it is definitely summer in Alabama.  Temps are in the mid to upper 90s, the heat index is in triple digits, and it's thundering while the sun is shining.  A quick storm may or may not happen.  If one does happen, it will only make it more humid and steamier than it already is.  If it's this hot and miserable now, what will be it like in August??

I know I said I wouldn't complain about the heat after the extremely frigid winter we had, but I'm seriously beginning to rethink that.  Being outside for any length of time is impossible.  I feel for those people who HAVE to work outside!

I met Lance at the bakery yesterday since Jessi couldn't.  (She works in Montgomery and the bakery they are using is in Auburn, and it closes before she can get there.)  He works outdoors, so I worry about him.  The last thing I told him before we left was to make sure he drank plenty of water.  hahaha  I'd hate for him to have a heat stroke this close to the wedding.  Or anytime for that matter!

Our air conditioners have been running almost non-stop.  (Can't wait to see the power bill.  HA!)  The rooms that don't have AC (the kitchen, the front bedroom, the living room) are so hot, so I avoid them as much as possible.  I don't cook that much during the summer because of the heat, and I certainly don't use the oven unless I have to.  When I was coming home from Alex City earlier, I decided that I wanted spaghetti for supper tonight, so I did get the sauce going.  I dread having to cook the angel hair, and I know for a fact that there won't be any bread! 

The weather alarm just went off a minute ago.  We are under a severe thunderstorm warning, and it has started to cloud up.

Guess that's about it for today.  As always, have a GREAT day!

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