18 June 2010

I don't know what I did...

But I am HURTING!  John came in just before 6 this morning to tell me he was leaving, and I was fine.  Gave him his bye kiss and told him I'd talk to him this afternoon.  I went back to sleep until about 8:30.  When I woke up then, my lower back was KILLING me. It was one of those "I don't know if I can get out of bed" hurts, but get out of bed I did.  Slowly.  Very slowly. 

I thought that once I got up and started moving around it would loosen up and I'd be fine.  That's usually the way that it works when this happens, but today has been different.  This backache has hung on all day long.  I've iced off and on, and I've taken Alleve, but relief hasn't come yet.  (It's time for the ice pack again.)

About four years ago, I strained my back muscles and suffered for a couple of weeks before I finally broke down and went to the doctor.  About three months after that, I did the same thing again.  Both times I knew what I did and when I did it.  This feels the same way, but I was SLEEPING.  How did I strain a muscle sleeping???

I guess it's just age.  Getting older stinks (but it is better than the alternative.)  In the last few days, I've noticed a few times when I've had to rub my eyes because things were blurry.  I'm not quite ready to think that MAYBE it's time for reading glasses.  I've made it to 43 without needing them, so I'm going to believe that the blurriness was from something else.  I'll figure out soon enough (like August, when school starts) if my vision is changing.  LOL  Oh, it isn't because I'm vain and don't want to have to wear glasses.  I've already decided that I will have all of those funky, colorful (cheap) readers.  I just don't want to think I'm getting old.  (Now that IS vain.)

I'm going to the bridal shop with Jessi tomorrow for her dress fitting, and I want to feel chipper for that.  I really want to feel better for the three hour drive to the lake, too.  That's a long ride/drive when my back doesn't hurt, so I know it will be torture if I'm still hurting.

OK...gotta ease myself out of the chair and get the ice pack.  As always, have a GREAT day!


Eternally Distracted said...

Ouch - I hope you're feeling better today. Get yourself to the Doctor!


Hey...I hope you are better today. I know time at the lake is a great cure all. Did you have fun with Jessi yesterday. Today is our first day at Rock Mills UMC. I am nervous. We worked their Chicken Q yesterday from 4:30-4:30. Needless to say...no unpacking got done.

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