17 June 2010

Our silly little man

When I went to the beach, we ate at Lulu's at Homeport Marina.  The wait was just over an hour, so I went through the gift shop to look.  Naturally, looking turned into buying.  I found this shirt for Sam:

The child LOVES him some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, so it was a perfect shirt for him. 

On my way home that Monday, I stopped by to give him his shirt and his Crocs and to give Katy her goodie.  (Phillip got left out then, but I have him a little something now.)  I spread the shirt out on the ottoman to show it to Sam.  He kept walking over to it and smiling SO big.  It really cracked me up.

A couple of days later Jessi told me that Katy said he was obsessed with his shirt!  At Jessi's shower Sunday, Katy showed me a picture of him wearing it, and then today, she sent me this picture:

He is carrying his lovey (which is like Linus's security blanket), a ball (which is his FAVORITE thing in the entire world to play with), and his shirt.  How hilarious is that?  Of course, it tickles me to death that he loves it so much.  Maybe I should have gotten one in every size.  LOL

As always, have a GREAT day.  And go put on your favorite T-shirt.  :)


Angela Cooper said...

I so don't wear tshirts expect for pj's in the summer time. They never match anything I have. That looks like it was perfect for a PB&J lover. Good fin.

danapate said...

Precious! I think Im gonna get one myself! And btw- He looks like a five year old in that picture. The kid is HUGE!

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