20 June 2010

After all these years

On May 31, 1985, the 48 members of the graduating class of Oakman High School gathered at the stadium.  We were filled with nervousness and anxiousness, ready to begin the new chapter in our lives.  We swore that we'd never lose touch and that we'd be friends forever. 

Like all classes, we stayed in touch for a while with some, and we lost touch almost immediately with others.  Over the years, some of us, like myself, lost touch with practically everyone.  Oh sure, we sent Christmas cards and made the occasional phone call, but as far as maintaining the life-long friendships, we didn't.  We got busy with our lives and our families.  We moved away and made new friends.

Then we joined Facebook.  John has never created a page and sees no use in it.  I, on the other hand, love facebook.  It is because of fb that I have reconnected with many of my high school friends. 
Last night, a few members of the Class of '85 gathered, 25 years later, to relive memories, catch up on lives, and make new memories.
L to R:  Mike "Woody" Woods, yours truly, Cindy Harbison Bentley, Donna Wade, Alan "Jim" Jones, Anita Burke McKinstry, Barry Thomason (kneeling), Brian Pendley

Really, none of us have changed much at all.  Oh sure, a few pounds have been packed on by everyone except Donna, Jim, and Anita, and a few gray hairs shine through, except for Barry and that's simply because he has no hair for us to know if it is gray or not.  =)  Otherwise, I would have recognized any of them if I had run in to them. 
What was so wonderful is that even though it has been many, many years since most of us have seen one another, we picked up just like this was a monthly gathering.  The only way to tell we were catching up for the first time in close to 20 years was to listen to our conversations.  "Where do you live now?"  "How many children do you have?"  "Do you parents still live in the same place?"

Last night proved that TRUE friendships can and will overcome all times and distances.  I just hope it isn't another 25 years before we get together again.

Before I close, I want to include a few more pictures from the evening.
Anita and Donna

Barry and Sharon (Sharon dates Mike)
Jim, his wife Kay, Brian, Cindy
Mike, Barry, Anita
Mike, Jim, Kay
Brian, Donna, Sharon

As always, have a GREAT day!

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How cool is that. I love the fact that I can facebook classmates. It keeps me up on what they are doing. Did you get your calendar of holidays today? We get 8 days for Christmas...that is barely a week. Groan!

I love my Crimson Tide!

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