08 June 2010

Bloggy Love =)

My VERY dear friend Karen gave me this award, and I was so excited!  Karen is not only a bloggy friend, Karen is a real-life friend.  She and I have known each other since I started teaching at BRHS, but once I moved to a room upstairs and we had coffee in her room in the mornings, I got to know her better and realized what an extremely neat gal she is.  THEN four years ago, I got the pleasure of moving across the hall from her, and our friendship has grown even more. 

Karen was my sounding board when things with she-who-shall-remain-unnamed were very tense.  Even though I know I drove her crazy with all of the drama, she listened and gave me a ear.  And she gave me extremely good advice.  Even though it may not have been the advice I wanted to hear, it was the advice I needed to hear. 

In the last couple of years, Karen and I have spent many minutes and hours laughing to keep from crying over the crappiness of seeing a loved one deteriorate into that horribly unfair world of Alzheimer's.  And Karen, I need to IM you with a story my sister-in-law told while we were at the beach...It's priceless.

So, now that I have told you about Karen, (and you really do need to click on the link to visit her blog), let me get on with the award requirements.  =)

First of all, I have to list ten things I love, and then I have to choose ten people to pass the award on to.  Easy peasy, right?  Sure it is...until you have to choose ten blogs you love.  I love 'em ALL!

My list of 10 things I love:
1.  God--He's gotta be first because without Him, the rest of the stuff I love wouldn't be the stuff I love.  LOL
2.  John--He is my best friend, confidante, reason for living.  Yeah, he drives me nuts sometimes, but that's what makes me love him.
3.  My girls--Katy and Jessi were a package deal with John.  Becoming a wife AND a stepmom was rather daunting to me.  I read books and articles about what NOT to do.  Fortunately, we have a great relationship.  Either that or they've done a darn good job of pretending for over 18 years.  And of course, I HAVE to mention my guys here, too.  Phillip belongs to Katy and they have Sam, and Lance belongs to Jessi.  These three guys make me smile because I see how much they adore my girls.
4. My family--This includes the family I was born to and the family I married.  My parents gave me so much support and love, and they taught me what it means to be a good person.  I can never thank them enough.  John's family welcomed me from day one.  I have never felt like an outsider, and I know that if I picked up the phone right now and said, "I need you," they would be here.
5.  My friends--How can a person live without friends?  Throughout life, friends come and go.  Some of them come and never leave.  Some come, leave, and then come back.  My friends love me and accept me, faults and all.  And for that, I am forever grateful.
6.  The lake--John and I dreamed about owning a place on the lake someday, but we didn't think it would come true.  It did almost three years ago.  I would rather be there than anywhere else.  It is my "happy place" and the place where I truly feel most at home.  It doesn't matter if the sun is shining or if it is raining.  I'm happy there.
7.  A good book--Whenever I hear someone say he/she doesn't like to read, I just can't imagine why.  I remember the first book I checked out from the library.  It was about the Pony Express, and I think I probably read it cover to cover in the first day.  Right now, I have about 5 unread books that are my "summer reading."  If I ever DON'T have a good, I feel lost.
8.  A good cup of coffee--I have been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember.  Very few days have passed in my life when I haven't had at least one cup.  One thing that makes a cup of coffee even more enjoyable is the company of a good friend.
9.  My pups--I cannot forget my babies.  John and I have no children of our own (by choice), so Ali and Bama get spoiled.  A lot.  They make me laugh.
10.  Alabama--Of course, I love the state I live in, but when I say Alabama, I'm referring 100% to THE University of Alabama.  I love everything associated with UA...the campus, Denney Chimes, Coach Bryant, houndstooth, any and all sports, but especially football.  My year has two seasons:  football season and waiting for football season.  I'm sure my blog background and the names of my dogs wasn't a clue.  LOL

So now, I have to pass this award on to ten people.  And Karen made it hard because she took one of mine.  =)

And the winners are:  (Drum roll, please...)

1.  Gail's Tales -- her aunt is my best friend.  Kayla is a recent UA grad and a super neat young lady.  Read her.  You'll be glad you did.
2.  Miracle Babies -- Dana is Katy's sister-in-law, and the mother of FIVE children, two of whom are mono mono twins.  Dana is so very encouraging and uplifting.  But she also makes me sick because after five children she looks fantastic.
3.  Updates from Libby -- Libby is my niece, and she is just getting started with the blogging thing.  Pop over and give her some bloggy love.  Oh yeah, she's PREGGERS!!!!
4.  Decisionally Challenged -- Georgie is an OK gal. No, I mean she's an Oklahoma gal.  No, I mean, yes, she IS an OK gal who is from Oklahoma.  LOL  She's a hoot.
5.  Holy Mackerel -- Mary is a Canadian who loves firemen and men's bums.  She'll make ya laugh.
6.  VodkaMom -- She teaches little people, and she has the funniest stories to tell about them.  If I taught little people, I'd probably need vodka, too.
7.  47 and Starting Over -- Julie is always good for a laugh. And she keeps it real.
8.  Hanging with Mrs. Cooper -- Angela is another gal who keeps it real.  You'll love her blog too.
9.  Manic Mariah -- Mariah will have you laughing.  I'd love to hang out with her one day.
10.  Coffeypot -- FUNNY man!!!  He is always posting something funny.  However, if you are very easily offended, stay away 'cause there is bound to be something to get your panties in a wad.  Or you can just chill out and enjoy a good laugh.

As always, have a GREAT day!


Coffeypot said...

Well I'll be a thankn yah...and I'll be moren happy to help pull them thar wadded panties out for ya. Just being neighborly.

Anonymous said...

Awww, Thank you for this. I sooo appreciate it.

danapate said...

Okay, crazy girl..that was cute. thanks a bunch for considering me a "good blogger"...i forget other people than my nutty family read my blog. i adore you, and aside from the houndstooth crapola you love, i consider us buds! thanks for your sweet comments.


I love you too my friend. I think the day you moved across the hall from me was definitely a red letter day in my books.

♥Georgie♥ said...

Thank You Trina for the lovely blog award!!!
Loved your #1on your top 10 things!

Mariah said...

Hey, thanks!!! Isn't it fun to read and find new blogs?? I'm glad I found yours too!

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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