16 June 2010

Moooommmmm!!! I'm BOOOOORRRRREEEEDDDD!!!!!

No, that isn't what my children are screaming.  (Remember, I'll CBC, or Childless by Choice.)  That's what I would be yelling if my mom and I were in the same house.   If Bama could talk, though, that is exactly what he would be saying.  He wants me to play ALL. DAY. LONG.  He isn't content to play with Ali, and bless her sweet little heart, she loves her big brother so much, and she wants him to play with her so badly!

"What???  Bored???  Why, you're a teacher.  I thought teachers CRAVED summer vacation like a fat kid craves chocolate covered doughnuts."

Well, yeah, I am a teacher and I do crave summer vacation, but it's so bloomin' hot that I don't want to be outside doing ANYTHING except floating in the lake, and since I'm not at the lake, that means I'm veggin' away in the house.  And I'm bored. 

Oh, don't get me wrong.  I have PLENTY of things to do to keep me busy.  My closet needs cleaning out and sorted.  My drawers could use a good purging as well.  Our bedroom needs painting since I didn't do it over spring break (but that would mean going to Home Depot, and that would mean leaving the the AC and getting out in the horrendous humidity.)  My yard needs some work (but again...humidity.)  Right now, those just aren't things I WANT to do.  I WANT to be floating in the lake!!!

Tomorrow I'm going to get my hair "did" so I can get rid of this nasty gray.  A morning at the beauty shop is always good for catching up on what's going on in town.  In the summer, I rarely hear anything that happens in Alex City unless it is MAJOR and makes the news or unless somebody posts it on facebook.  On Friday, I have to go back to Alex City for a second fitting for my dress for Jessi's wedding.  (Don't get any ideas...this isn't some fancy-schmancy dress that is being custom made.  It's a simple cotton sateen dress that I can and will wear again, and it was just a tad too big.)  I may check with Kristen to see if she wants to have lunch.  Saturday, I'm meeting Jessi at the bridal shop for her fitting, and then I'm heading to the lake.

I hope I get to the lake in time to see some of my friends from high school.  Cindy and Sam are hosting a mini-reunion at their home, and if it isn't too late, I'm going to stop by there for a bit.  (I think I posted about that already.)  I decided that if Jess and I finish in time, I'll head on up there for that and then I'll go on to the lake and stay until Tuesday.  Why Tuesday?  Because Tuesday night is Bunco, and I can't miss Bunco again!  :)  John is probably going to head up on Friday so he can have a nice, relaxing day on Saturday.

I guess I should let the pups back in now and play with them for a while.  And I need to figure out something COOL for supper 'cause I ain't cooking!

As always, have a GREAT day!


Debbie said...

You are too funny! And yes, adults can get just as bored - and whiny - as kids.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh man I have those days too and look around at projects but who the heck wants to do those? We're is this cool person that comes and brings me things that are fun to do. Yup screaming for my mommy .... but she's looking at me like your 34 y/o figure it out yourself girl ... hehe.

Getting your hair done sounds like fun, I always love doing that!

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