29 July 2008

What a day!

The alarm went off at 6:20, but I reset it for 6:30. Then I snoozed it until 6:50. I finally dragged myself out of bed and made it to the kitchen to make coffee. Note to self--start fixing the coffee before you go to bed and set it to come on automatically. I got my shower and grabbed a cup of joe before I started getting ready. I remember now why I liked a shorter haircut so much. It was a wash, add product, and go day. That may be the norm for a while. And as far as it being an "outdated" style...I see many celebs with similar styles, but I personally don't have to go for the latest everybody-in-the-world-has-this-haircut-so-I-have-to-have-it-too. I do what I like and what fits my lifestyle. Anyway, after I got ready, I toasted half a bagel and had it with some pineapple cream cheese. Yum.

The training at the central office was from 9 until 11:45--15 whole minutes less than scheduled. haha Like I said in an earlier post, I've already played around with most of the material, so I was somewhat familiar with it. I'm not the most computer/technology-savvy person out there, but I'm certainly not afraid to play around with stuff. I did learn a couple of things I didn't know about our textbooks and the technology available, so it was definitely worth my time. Plus it added 3 more hours to my total. That gives me 49, and we only have to have 25. Too bad I can't carry them over until the next year. lol

After leaving the central office, I headed to Birmingham. I was going to go by to pick Susan up, but she was at the school doing some work, so she and Amy were just going to meet me at The Olive Garden. I really wish I had gone by to get her. I was sitting at the stoplight on 280 waiting to turn onto 459. Suddenly, BOOM. The man behind me had answered his cell phone and let his foot off the brake and rolled into me. Fortunately, there was no damage whatsoever, but I've had a killer headache since. That pretty much took away the interest I had in doing anything other than going to Costco and to Phillip, Katy, and Sam's.

I got 324 (27 dozen) black Bic pens, a pack of permanent markers, a pack of tape, and a pack of Post-It notes. Oh, and 384 Huggies wipes for Sam. :)

Speaking of Sam...after I left Costco, I called Katy to see if they were home. They were, so I stopped by for a bit. Sam was snoozing when I first got there, but he woke up before too long. I'm telling ya what--I wish I would wake up in such a good mood. I'm not pleasant in the least until I've had coffee and a shower. He laughed and "talked" and made some of the funniest faces. He is such a cutie patootie. I still look at Katy with him and find it hard to believe that she's a mommy. She should still be the little girl with a ponytail. :) I know her daddy thinks so, but he is so happy that she found her soul mate in Phillip. They are such a perfect couple, and now they are the perfect family.

I guess this is all the news for now. I know it's only about 8:30, but I'm about to call it a day. 5:30 AM will be here much sooner than I would like.

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