08 July 2008

Awesome schedule!

I just got my schedule for next year, and it is perfect! First semester I'll have English 11 for 1st and 2nd blocks and English 12 for 3rd block and planning for 4th block. I don't usually get as much done with 4th block planning because I'm exhausted from being "on" all day. That seems to be the general consensus for many of us. My favorite time for planning is 1st block so I can come in and get focused on the day ahead. Anyway, second semester I'll have English 12 for 1st and 2nd blocks, 3rd block planning (which I really like, too) and English 11 for 4th block. I've done English 11 once, so I'll still have to do a lot of planning. I've got the teacher's edition in my bag to take home with me. Guess I'll start on that later today.

Jessi called yesterday to tell us what they'd discovered with her car. The timing belt needed replacing and they replaced the spark plugs while they were at it. She sent a text today to tell me how much it was going to cost. The labor for car repairs is just outrageous. Things that people used to do for themselves, like changing oil and spark plugs, can't be done by anyone except an expert. John was going to change the spark plugs on his truck the other day, but he couldn't get to them. Jessi and I decided there is a conspiracy between the engineers who design the cars and the mechanics who work on them so that people have to take their vehicles in to the dealership to get them fixed. hahahaha I do love a good conspiracy theory. Hmmmm--I haven't read one of the Jason Bourne books in a LONG time. Might be a good time to pull one out.

Guess that's about it for now. I've got to run to the bank to make a deposit before going to lunch. Hope everyone has a great day!

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