15 July 2008

Friends and being a bum

Susan and Tim rented a condo at Stillwaters this week, so last night Misty, Rodney, John, and I went down there and we all cooked out. John, master of the grill, was responsible for some delicious steaks. After eating, we took Susan and Tim's pontoon out for a night-time cruise. There is nothing more relaxing or enjoyable than taking a boat ride at night. We left before it was completely dark, so we got to see the end of a beautiful sunset and then a sky full of twinkling stars. I saw two shooting stars, and Misty saw one.

The six of us always have such a good time together, but we just don't get together often enough. With Rodney working at the marina, he doesn't get weekends off until after Labor Day, so that makes it hard to plan Friday or Saturday get-togethers. With John and Tim working all week, that rules out weeknights. With Stillwaters being just a few miles from the house, last night wasn't too bad for John, even though he did have to get up and go to work today. (Right now he's catching up on that hour or so of lost Zs. lol)

The guys are planning a weekend at the lake, probably in the fall. They camped out several years ago--they still talk about how much they enjoyed it. Tim and Rodney talk about John's cooking skills. (He can make a mean omelet, and as far as grilling goes--NO ONE does it better!!!) When they do that, Misty, Susan, and I will indulge in a spa day. :)

The Kings and the Bishops are some of our best friends. (Yes, we have "royalty" for friends. haha) John and I are so blessed and so fortunate to have our lives intersect with theirs. I firmly believe that our lives work out the way they are supposed to--the way God has planned. John and I were supposed to end up where we are at the time that we did, and these friendships were meant to be. Susan and I were talking about how, in life, we have those friendships that come along but then disappear when the situation changes. It would have been so easy for Susan and me to lose touch after they moved to Birmingham, but we didn't. Friendships, just like any relationship, take work.

I went back over today, and Susan and I hung out at the pool all day. We were total bums, but it was so nice. We had the pool to ourselves. Actually, I think we had the entire complex to ourselves. hahaha I love days like this. I wonder how hard it would be to get a job being a bum...

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