20 July 2008

Friends and being a bum, Part 2

John did get to take Friday off, so we headed up to the lake Thursday afternoon. We got up Friday, had a yummy breakfast, and then went to Cullman to grab a few things. On the way back from Cullman, we went by Arrowhead and got the boat. We went out for just a bit Friday afternoon. On Saturday, we rode down to see Ron and Cindy for a couple of hours or so. I told Cindy that I felt bad for interrupting them--they've been putting in lots of "sweat equity" on the lake house. Cindy said she welcomed the interruption and that Ron did too. Last weekend, Ray, a friend of theirs, had a massive heart attack. He was 55. It was a huge shock to all of us, but Cindy said it really affected Ron, so she thought it was good for him to have John stop by. After we got back home and got cleaned up, we went to Roger and Amy's for a cook out. Mark and Judy had come up from Tuscaloosa, too. It was great to see all of them. After a delicious dinner, we went out for a short boat ride. We had a couple of little things to do around the trailer before we left today. We didn't leave until almost 4--we seem to leave just a little later each time. :)

The pups and I are going back Wednesday for sure. I know we need some rain desperately (the lake is down about 6 feet) but I really hope it's pretty. A trip to Books-A-Million is on the books for tomorrow. :)

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