21 July 2008

Shopping for "school" clothes

Do you remember how excited you'd get around this time of the year when you were younger? You knew that school was just around the corner, although "just around the corner" was still a month or so away back in the day. LOL That meant that it was time to go shopping for school clothes. It was always such a fun time. Of course, shopping for school clothes was vastly different for my mom and me than it is for parents and students today. We usually went to Sears, and I would get a couple of pairs of jeans, some tops, and a pair of shoes. Kids today end up spending more on one pair of jeans than Mom did on my entire school wardrobe.

I went to Talbot's today to find a pair of pants to wear with a navy blue twinset that I'd bought earlier. That one pair of pants turned into a pair of blue/white pants, a navy pinstriped skirt, two casual skirts, a red top, and a cute three-quarter sleeve top, so this was my "school" shopping. I did need some "nicer" clothes, though. I really HATE buying new clothes because I've gained the weight that I'd lost, but I get tired of wearing the same old stuff week after week. By the end of the school year I was totally sick and tired of everything in my closet. Maybe I have enough new stuff to avoid that feeling for a while.

Speaking of weight--John and I keep saying we are going to start walking every day because both of us could afford to lose a pound or two. (Or ten, twenty, forty...) I know what I need to do--I've done it before--but it's so hard to find the time now to exercise. There must have been more hours in the day ten years ago. hahaha Instead of sitting here posting, I should have my butt out walking. It is only about 99 degrees, though. (It showed 100 degrees on my way home from Auburn. That's just TOO hot to be out walking.

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