23 July 2008

I'll be back Sunday

I've got a couple of things to load up, and then the pups and I are headed out. I've got four books to read, but The Red Badge of Courage and Their Eyes Were Watching God are school reading. I haven't read TRBoC since I was in school myself, so it's almost like reading it again for the first time. The satellite at the lake is on the blink, so no TV. I did get a DVD player to take up there, but if it's like a lot of the newer ones, it doesn't use coax cables, and the TV does. That's quite all right, though. I'll take a few movies, and if I decide to watch one, I can use my laptop. I'm taking my laptop only because I do need to do a few things for school while I'm there. Like I've said before, there is no internet.

John told me to check the weather before I left. He was concerned that this hurricane out there might cause some bad weather for us, and if there is bad weather in the north-west part of Alabama, it's going to happen at Smith Lake. It didn't look like it was going to be bad, so hopefully that won't change.

John will be up Friday. Tomorrow afternoon he has a follow-up class to his diabetes class. It's over at 4, so he's planning on meeting Jess for dinner. I told her to make him take her somewhere nice. :) They haven't had a daddy-daughter "date" in a long time.

Everybody enjoy the rest of your week. I know I will.

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