13 July 2008

2 gallons of ammonia, 2 mops, and LOTS of elbow grease

The before on the top and the after on the bottom. Can you believe the difference? The gray-looking spots on the before is where we pulled up the padding under the wool rug. (Jessi always said the rug was purple, and it kinda did look like grape juice. :) )

Because the floors had never had a polyurethane coating on them, we couldn't use the hardwood floor cleaners that are on the market today, so I had to do a little internet searching to discover how to clean them. Oh, the reason I'm showing you pictures of cleaned floors instead of refinished floors is because the floor guy never has called back. Either he doesn't need or want our business, so we're going to call someone else. Anyway, after a little research, I found an ammonia/hot water solution. I thought it couldn't hurt to try, so I went to Fred's to get ammonia.

Feeling a little skeptical, I put some of the solution on the floor. Almost immediately I could tell the difference. Maybe this would work after all. So, I went back to Fred's and bought all the ammonia they had, another mop, the two mop head replacements for the mop I already have, and all the replacement heads for the new mop.
I did the first cleaning yesterday, and the floor looked so much better, but we decided to do another cleaning today. After the second one, they look even better. I could probably do a third one and they'd look even better, but I'm not. They are good enough that we can live with them until we do get them refinished. They certainly aren't perfect, but anything is an improvement over what they were!

Now John gets to do his part--the electrical stuff. He has three outlet and one light switch to replace, and I bought a really pretty light to replace the really ugly ceiling fan/light that is currently in there. We're going to move the freezer to the basement and rearrange the furniture.

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