12 July 2008

Saturday night date

About 6 tonight, John suggested that we ride to Alex City to go to The Home Depot. No particular reason other than to get out. Twenty years ago, if a guy suggested going to somewhere like THD to "hang out" for an hour or so on a Saturday night, I probably would have turned him down in a heart beat. The Home Depot on a Saturday night, or ANY night for that matter??? Now I actually enjoy going there or to Lowe's. Sounds weird, I know, but one of my favorite TV shows is Cool Tools. All the home improvement shows I've watched over the last few years have had an impact on me. :) We did pick up a few things--a soaker hose, a kitchen faucet, a bulb for the outdoor light, and slides to go under the piece of furniture that weighs a ton.

After leaving THD, we went to Carlos' for some Mexican food. Yum! They had karaoke going on in the bar area. Talk about entertaining. hahaha There was one girl who was good, but one of the guys had us laughing so hard. I truly hope he knows he can't sing well but he just doesn't care so he gets up for the fun of it. I'm certainly not saying I could do a better job because I know I can't, and that's why I don't do karaoke, but anyone who does should know that they are subject to being laughed at.

I worked on the dining room floor today trying to get the wax, shellac, whatever it is on it cleaned off. It's probably going to take another cleaning or two to get it where we want it, or at least to where we can live with it until we get the floors redone. I'll post some before and after pictures tomorrow. It's amazing at the difference already!

I'm headed to bed. Have a great one. :)

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