06 April 2008

Weekend at the lake

Another wonderfully relaxing weekend at the lake. Well, maybe not all THAT relaxing. Everyone who "weekends" at the lake--any lake, really--will tell you that there are very few weekends that are spent JUST relaxing. We've come to know that very well.

A couple of weeks ago we stopped by to check things out on our way from Hartselle. We were going to turn the water on so we'd be able to use bathroom while we were there. You can probably guess--a pipe had burst. John got all the stuff so he could fix it this weekend, or so he thought. What should have been a quick 30 minute project ended up taking about 3 hours and two trips to DJs for extra plumbing supplies. He DID get it fixed, though. We checked all the faucets inside, and they seemed to be okay. The trap under the kitchen sink wasn't though. It had a leak. Trip number 3 to DJs on Saturday morning. That's fixed, too.

When they put in the rip rap, the line for the satelllite got cut, so that was project number 2. John got that taken care of yesterday, but when we went to make sure it worked, the receiver wasn't picking up. He had to make a trip to the top of the hill to call the company to have them reset the box. So now we have TV again. He still has to bury the line, but I think we're going to rent a trencher to do that so we can get it deeper than we did before.

We got my elephant ears planted, so hopefully the next time we're up there (next weekend I hope!!) we'll see some beginning to pop through the ground. I want to plant a few other things, too, but that may have to wait.

Our final project was to "decorate." I know that our trailer isn't much, but we want to make it OURS, and I think we've got a pretty good start. All the things we bought at Hobby Lobby last week will be used in our house when we finally get to build, but for now, they are making the trailer look MUCH better! One thing I hope to do this summer is paint. It really shouldn't take long. After all, the trailer is only 48 feet long and 12 feet wide. Then again, any project that shouldn't take long usually does. :) One thing that I really like about our tiny place is that it takes NO time to clean! I can clean the entire trailer in about the time it takes me to vacuum our house.

I got ALL my bib cards and note cards graded. I started on them about 8:15 yesterday morning and finished about 6:15 last night. That is 10 hours!! I didn't spend the entire 10 hours grading--I schedule short breaks after every 5 sets so that it isn't so overwhelming. I'd guess I probably did spend about 8 hours, though. With no TV at the time, no internet at all, and a cold day, my breaks were much shorter than they would've been otherwise. I knew I HAD to get those done, though!

The pups had a great time, as usual. Both of them slept all the way home and are sound asleep on the couch now. I doubt we'll hear much of them before morning. And even then, they probably won't be waking us up to go out at 4:15, either. :)

It's been a LONG day, so I am going to call it a night myself. Only 7 weeks until summer vacation. I think I can make it.

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