02 April 2008

Responsiblity, people!

As a teacher of senior English, one of the things that I try to stress to my students is RESPONSIBILITY!! Much sooner than they realize, they are going to be out in the "real world" and they are going to be the ones having to make sure bills are paid on time. Momma and Daddy won't be there to prod them (or in some cases, do it for them!) We began the research process last week, and each day I stress to them that I will not accept late work. Misty, the other senior English teacher, and I have a contract we make the students AND their parents sign with a statement that says no late work accepted for ANY reason. If they are absent, they are to make sure the assignments is to us by the BEGINNING of the class period. Today the thesis statement was due, and sure enough, three students were absent. Two of the students sent their thesis statements to me by another student (one even sent hers by 3 students. haha) The third student didn't. About the middle of the class period I get a message from our secretary stating that his dad called and the student is home sick. (Granted, about half the soccer team does have food poisoning and he does play soccer.) Anyway, the message goes on to say that his dad will bring it to me later. When his dad (who was an asst. admin. last year AND had a son who was a senior here last year) comes in, I told him I could not give him the points for it (10 points was all it is worth.) Dad doesn't like this AT ALL and says he will have to take this up with...My principal came to talk to me about it and to see the statement on the contract. Now, I'm waiting to see what comes of it. Unless it can be proven to me that board policy states I must give him credit for it, I will stand my ground.

This policy was put into place YEARS ago because so many students were being absent on the day that assignments were due because they didn't have them done. Then, parents would write notes lying for them and saying they were sick so the absence would be excused and the grade would count. I find it so hard to believe that parents do that! My parents would have NEVER lied for me. If I didn't get something done, I had to face the consequences. Like I said earlier, half the soccer team has food poisoning and he does play soccer, so I know his parents haven't lied about that for him. BUT I have stressed and stressed that they must get the work to me. I even told them that if they had a parent bring it, they better make sure the parent stresses to the office staff that I better get it before the tardy bell rings for their class period. Were that not the case, I wouldn't have a leg to stand on, but I don't think it's going to be an issue. Then again...

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