27 April 2008

Fun in Fort Walton!

I just got in a little over an hour ago from the Junior Civitan District convention in Fort Walton Beach. Ben Russell only had 12 students total, but that number was perfect! I've discovered that the larger the crowd of teens, the more we have to keep up with. Of those 12, three were district officers and one is the international president for Junior Civitan. Someday, I'll be able to say the governor of Alabama or the president of the US or some other hugely important person was a member of the Benjamin Russell Junior Civitan while I was the advisor. Of course, I can take no credit for his success. He became deeply involved with the organization as a student at the middle school. By the time he got to my club, he was already a district officer and he just kept going. I'm still very proud of him, though! For next year, Ben Russell students will hold 5 of the 7 district officer seats.

The kids had a really good time. Friday night they got to watch Cars out by the pool. After the business meeting Saturday morning, it was games on the beach. The first year I went to the convention, I thought this would be the hokiest thing ever. I was SO wrong. It is so funny to watch the teams compete against each other, and of course, it is really fun to watch the Ben Russell teams be quite dominant. :) One of the middle school advisors, two of the middle school chaperones, and I did the sack race after all the kids had finished. I came in 2nd--not too bad for the oldest one of the bunch. lol After the banquet and officer installation Saturday night, they danced until about 11:30. Boy, do they have energy. I was ready to crash by 9. I'm sure most of them slept on the bus today.

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