25 April 2008

Awesome news!

Phillip will be teaching and coaching at Spain Park High School in the Hoover school systerm next year!! He, Katy, and Sam will be moving back to Birmingham. I'm really excited for him because I know SPHS is a great school. My best friend, plus several other good friends, teach there, and they all love it. Also, his brother Rob is the team opthamologist, so that will be great This means that John and I will get to spend lots more time with Sam. Probably not as much as Mike and Darlene, his other set of grandparents, but that's okay. We'll take him to the lake for the summers. :) Even after John and I move to the lake, Birmingham will still be a little closer than Huntsville was.

This just makes me an even bigger Jaguar fan!!! GO JAGS!!!


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Daughter of Mine,

What exciting news for Phillip and Katy. I read Katy's blog and wrote back to tell her I thought it was wonderful. I know you and John are excited as well since the miles won't be quite as many as before.

Isn't that little fellow growing? Since we haven't seen him since he was less than a full day old, he sure enough looks like he has grown. And Handsome!! Wow!!

Have a good week-end with your Jr. Civitans.

Love Mom

I love my Crimson Tide!

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