04 April 2008

Last night I turned John on

...to Hobby Lobby. Oh, wait. You thought this was about something else? SHAME ON YOU! Get your mind out of the gutter!! ;)

The annual turkey hunt that John goes on with a bunch of his buddies from high school and some of Roger's former team mates from Bama was cancelled for this weekend. Roger called and said some things had come up that he needed to take care of, so we decided to go to the lake this weekend.

I had planned on riding to Hobby Lobby this afternoon to get a "V" stamp for all those 80 million bib cards and note cards I have to grade this weekend, but when John said we'd go to the lake, I told him I wanted to run to Opelika last night to get a stamp. It will be SO much easier to stamp their cards than to write TMV 80 million times! John had never been to a Hobby Lobby; he always thought it was just an arts and crafts store. When we went in, we walked by a display of all this "lakey" stuff--fish, boats, stringers, lures, etc.--and it was on sale. We ended up buying lots of stuff for the trailer, and eventually for our house we build. :) I can't wait to do a little decorating this weekend. I figure I can do a little bit when I take my grading breaks.

It's supposed to be rainy tomorrow, which will be good. If it were 80 degrees and sunny, I would be dying to be in the sun instead of grading.

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Anonymous said...

Now, how can I lure Daddy into a Hobby Lobby? We or rather I came real close to riding up to the lake yesterday. But I just got busy around here. I just know you will have everything all fixed up cute as can be. Can't wait to see it. Hurry up school and turn out -:)

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