18 April 2008

No lake relaxation this weekend :(

This is probably one of the nicest weekends we've had in the Crane Hill/Logan area, and we aren't getting to spend any time at the lake. BOO! It's just a crazy, busy weekend, though! Our varsity baseball team is playing this afternoon in a state playoff game, and since I have several baseball players, I'm going to that at 4:00. Then the soccer team is playing Sylacauga--their biggest rival--about 7:30, and I'm going to that. Tomorrow, Jessi is having a jewelry party at 2:00. Yep, I'm going to that. And then tomorrow night is prom, and I really want to go to that. Since I have a senior advisement and I teach primarily seniors, I would love to see them all dressed up, and so many of them have asked if I was going to "hang out" with them at prom. BUT I also have to find time to grade rough drafts of the research papers because I HAVE to return them on Monday so they can have their final drafts turned in on Friday. Ahhh--the life of a teacher. I need a clone! :)

I won't get to go to the lake next weekend either because I'll be in Fort Walton Beach with the Junior Civitan club at district convention. After that, we'll probably go to the lake every weekend. The only thing to interfere with that is graduation.

Once graduation is over, the pups and I will pretty much move to the lake. I know that I'll spend some time in Dadeville. I'll have to be here for Bunco nights. I can't miss spending time with the Bunco Babes. :) And I really can't leave John for THAT long! I'd go nuts, and the pups would, too. He has enough vacation time built up that I'm sure he'll take some LONG weekends.

I'm just ready to have some real downtime with nothing to do. I know I complain sometimes about the amount of stuff to grade and students, but I wouldn't change my career for anything else out there. I love my summers WAY too much.

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