11 April 2008

We get to see Sam tomorrow :)

We're going to Hartselle tonight, and then we're going over tomorrow to see Sam. Can you believe that he was a month old yesterday! Wow--the time has flown!! John hasn't seen him since he was in the hospital, and I haven't seen him since he was a week old. I know he has changed so much since then. Huntsville is just TOO far away.

We've got to get to the lake sooner rather than later. I'll be spending the majority of the summer there, so I'm hoping that I can make plans to see Phillip, Katy, and Sam about once a week or so. Of course, we're hoping they'll be able to spend some time at the lake, too! Poppa John can't wait to start teaching Sam how to fish. Katy and I can get some serious tanning done on Danny and Linda's swim pier.

My next class just came in, so this is all for now. :)

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