13 April 2008

We got our "Sam Fix" yesterday :)

Because the weather was so bad in and around Birmingham on Friday, we didn't go north until yesterday. We stopped by Hartselle and picked up Billie and Aunt Kat and then got to Katy and Phillip's around 11:30 or so. Phillip was in Gadsden with the soccer team until about 5:30, so it was just Katy and Sam. Sam got to meet his great-grandmother, MaMaw Vest, and his great-great-aunt, Aunt Kat, for the first time. Neither have stopped talking about him yet! Like I've said before, this child has so many people to shower love on him. Oh, he also got to meet his Aunt Amy and Uncle Allen, too. (Amy and Katy are first cousins, and Amy is expecting a little bundle of joy in August. We're all hoping for a girl.) Aunt Nonnie stopped by for a bit as well.

We had Ali and Bama with us, so it was their first time to ever be around a SMALL baby. They've been around Zack and Will tons of times, so we knew they were good with kids. Bama was fine, until I held Sam, and even then he just "talked" to me. I know he was saying, "Momma, what are you doing holding him? You're not supposed to hold anybody except me!" Ali just couldn't seem to figure Sam out. She tried so hard to get close to him--and kiss him, I'm sure. She finally understood that she couldn't get too close, but she stayed as close as she could. And once she did sneak in a kiss on his ear before I could stop her. :)

Katy decided to take some "Katy time" and went to get a pedi/mani, so Poppa John and Grana got Sam all to ourselves for about 2 1/2 hours! We should've run with him while we had the chance. I know Phillip and Katy would have never missed him. Sure, and the moon is made of bleu cheese. lol

We hated to leave, and John swears he won't go an entire month before he sees him again. He wants to spend as much time with him as he can so that Sam will grow up with lots of wonderful memories of his granddad.

Sam meets MaMaw Vest for the first time.

Four generations

Ali had the hardest time trying to figure out what Sam was. :)

Like Poppa, like Sam
Is this not one of the sweetest things you've EVER seen?
Yep, THIS is why I got outlines graded. :)
I could snuggle like this forever!
Can you guess what he's doing here? This is a picture to
show future girlfriends. :)

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