21 April 2008

Busy weekend!!

Wow--I think I'm glad it's Monday!! It was such a busy weekend, but it was a really good one. :)

I made it to the baseball game Friday afternoon and watched our Wildcats completely dominate Shelby County. They won the first game 28-1 and the second one 12-2. They play Spanish Fort next. Go Cats!!

My next stop was JR's to meet John for dinner. Then I headed back to the Sportplex to watch the soccer games. I saw all but about 15 minutes of the girls' game, and I saw the first half of the boys' game. The girls lost 3-2, but the boys won 1-0. It was their 7th area championship. Way to go, guys!! Both teams will be in play-offs.

Jessi had her jewelry party Saturday. At first, I wasn't sure I was going to go, but then I decided that I wasn't going to allow my life to be dictated by others. I wanted to support Jessi, so I went. She had a really great show. I hope my show is as good!! (It's June 3 at 7, so put it on your calendars!!)

While I was gone to Jessi's, John decided to take the Harley out for a spin. He hasn't gotten to ride very much at all in the last year or so. He's tossed around the idea of selling it a couple of times, but it's one of those things that he isn't 100% sure he wants to do. One week he's saying that he could sell it and we could use the money toward the lake, but then the next week he says he'll just keep it. I guess if the right dollar amount was offered, he'd sell. :)

We didn't make it to church yesterday--I spent the entire day grading rough drafts. I got them all done, though! It would've been much better if I'd done a few Friday night, some Saturday, and then finished up yesterday. At least the final papers don't have to be graded in a weekend!

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