01 February 2011

Can you solve my mystery?

I have a Kindle. 

I did not order a Kindle.

Yesterday, I got home and found a box from Amazon on the steps.  On Friday, I had ordered some videos for school, so I thought that maybe I had selected the wrong shipping address and they had been sent to the house instead of to the school.  I picked the box up to open it and noticed that the shipping label had a "warning" that a lithium ion battery was enclosed.  Huh?  My videos didn't have batteries with them!

When I opened the box, another box...a Kindle box...was inside!  OK...wait a minute...in all of my comparing Kindles on Amazon, did I accidentally order one?  No packing slip, so I'm quite sure I didn't.  I took it to the den, held it up for John to see, and said, "Did you order this?"  He was totally clueless.  He didn't even know what I had in my hands.  He swore he didn't order it.  So...who did?

Mom?  No.  She was my first thought, after John, but she says she didn't. 

Dad?  Ha!  He wouldn't know a Kindle if it slapped him upside the head.  (Remember, he JUST made his first call on a cell phone in December.  hahahaha)

???  I am bumfuzzled!

BUT whoever you are, I want to say THANK YOU!!!!  I was (still am) super stoked and excited!  I put The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest over on to it, and I downloaded another Greg Iles book.  I couldn't put it down last night.  I'm going to order a cover for it today (one with a light so I can read in the car at night.) 

Yesterday had been one of "those" days...just a yucky, dreary, tired Monday...but once I got home and found my surprise, all of the yucky Monday blues went away.  Again, THANK YOU!

I hope EVERYONE has a GREAT day!

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What a great prize! I love that it happened like this...especially after we were talking about it before school and during lunch. How funny is that. Enjoy the new Kindle.

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