12 February 2011

Quiet Saturday at home

It's just been the pups and me at home today.  John went to take Sam a big boy bedroom suite, and he hasn't gotten home yet. 

It is so very hard to believe that our sweet baby Sam is almost 3...March 10th will be his big day.  The other day we were looking through the 2010 calendar Katy and Phillip had given us and were commenting on how much he has changed but how much he is still the same.  His face hasn't changed much, except to go from a baby's face to one of a little boy.  His smile, his sparkling blue eyes, his blond hair...Wow!  Where has the time gone?

I had planned on going with John to Katy and Phillip's, but after I looked at the HUGE pile of laundry, I decided it would be best for me to stay home and try to get it all done.  I hate laundry.  The pile has gone from huge to just large, but at least I'm seeing some progress.  How two people can dirty so many clothes in such a short time is beyond me.  One reason it piles up so much is because I am the worst about not doing a load every day or so.  If I would do that, it wouldn't pile up so badly.  But I hate laundry.  (Oh, have I already said that?  It's true though...I hate laundry.  Ok, ok...I've driven to point home.  I hate laundry.  Just had to say it one more time to make sure you know.)

We're going over to Jessi and Lance's tomorrow to take Sam's, now Layton's, nursery furniture.  Just like I can't believe that Sam will be three next month, I still can't believe Jess and Lance are giving us another precious baby boy in July.  Well, I can, but it still seems so unreal.  I, for one, cannot wait to meet this beautiful life God has graciously sent to our family.  Like Sam, this child will have more love than he will know what to do with.  I can't wait to spoil him, and I know Pop Pop will make him ROTTEN.  Poor Jessi and Lance will have such a rotten kiddo between Wayne, Kay, John, and me.  :)  I ordered Layton a pair of overalls so he and Pop Pop can be twins.  Jessi got them today.  Once Layton has gotten big enough to wear his (the smallest size I found was 9 months), I'll need to get Sam a pair, and then we'll have to get a picture with John and his two little buddies wearing their overalls.

I was thinking earlier about how much I wish Carl were still alive to see all of his precious great grandchildren.  Zac was born before he died, but none of the others were.  Zac was just a tiny thing (well, Zac was never tiny, but he wasn't quite a year old) when Carl died, but Carl doted on him.  He called Zac "Fuzz" because his hair stood out all over his head.  He would have doted over Will, Maggie, Landon, Gavin, and Sam (and soon Layton) just as much.  Maggie especially, being the only girl, would have had Paw Paw wrapped around her little finger!  :)

I guess that's about it for now.  In between doing loads of laundry, I've been reading, so I think I'll get back to my book.  Today has been SO gorgeous, but it hasn't been quite warm enough for me to get out.  The forecast for next week has us having temps in the 70s!  Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to get out and enjoy the spring-like weather?  Sadly, my students, Ashley (my intern), and I will be stuck inside.  **sigh**  At least with us having a late spring break, I should be able to enjoy a week of gloriously warm weather at the lake!  :)

In case you've forgotten, I hate laundry.  :)

Have a GREAT day!



My day was anything but quiet. We started out at 8:15 heading to Alex City to have our bowling balls drilled....and Frank ended up bowling on a team in the men's tournament. So I bummed around Alex City and the Bowling alley. We left there, home to let the dog out, then to a birthday party for a church member, left there went home let the dog out, then went to Newnan and I got a Canon XS camera, zoom lens, bag, extra battery. I decided after seeing photos from the Nikon/Canon and holding them both that the Canon fit my hand better. We tried to eat dinner out...ended up at IHOP it was the only place without an hour+ waiting time. Got home and played with my new toy. :-) See you Monday my friend and have a great Sunday! I am headed back to AC after church so Frank can bowl again...doubles and singles.

Trina said...

You did have a busy Saturday! I can't wait to see your new toy. I really would love to take a photography class...just for a hobby. I need to start taking my camera everywhere I go they way you do. Soooo many times I've seen something and thought "that would be an awesome picture!" **sigh**

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