10 February 2011

Baby Caldwell...

Jess and Lance will be giving us a GRANDSON sometime around July 10th!!!!!!!!!!!!  They found out yesterday, and we are SOOOOO excited!  When I got home, I told John I had some good news.  (I knew Jessi had tried to call her daddy, but she said she hadn't gotten him, so I figured he knew.  I wasn't going to tell him if he didn't.  I did have more "fun" news, though...I didn't have to be at work until 9:30 because of snow.  LOL)

Anyway, John did know.  I asked him what Jess had said.  This was the conversation (according to John.)

Jess:  You're going to be a grandpa again.
John:  Well, I kind of figured that.
Jess:  But you're going to have another fishing partner.

I laughed and told him that even if the baby were a girl, with Lance as a daddy, she would probably be a fishing partner anyway.  That boy LOVES to fish! 

I am so excited to be able to buy some gender specific things now.  She hasn't decided how she wants to decorate the nursery, so I won't do anything like just yet.  But I will start buying up cute outfits!

Fortunately, she is doing EXTREMELY well right now with her pregnancy.  She said she still has days that aren't so great, but they have been manageable. I don't think she has been nearly as sick as Katy was, and for that, we are so very thankful!  I hope I don't jinx her by having said this.  :)

Now, Grana is going to go see what kind of cute stuff she can order for Layton (or at least that was the last name they were thinking of for a boy.  Isn't it a terrific name?)  I have an intern this semester, so I have some "free" time.  (Don't get me wrong...I have already redone all but one of my PowerPoint presentations for The Canterbury Tales, and I have started planning a virtual field trip to Canterbury for my seniors.)

Have a GREAT day!

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Congrats Grana. I know you are thrilled. I love hearing all the stories of your family. They are so fun and make a long day much more pleasant. Happy I am gonna be a grana day!...again!

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