06 February 2011

Don't cha just hate it when...

As I was tossing and turning the other night, I had a great idea for a blog post.  And now that I have time to write it, the great idea is long gone.  I should keep a note pad beside the bed so I can write down all of my weird dreams and great ideas.  :)

Today is an absolutely GORGEOUS day!  After a week of cloudy, rainy days, this one is such a welcome change.  But what are we doing?  Well, since I'm blogging, I'm obviously sitting inside.  LOL  Ali is snuggled up in my lap under the blanket, and Bama is snuggled up on the blanket next to me.  John is kicked back in the recliner.  In other words, we are being lazy on this Sunday afternoon.  That's pretty typical for us, though.  I think I'm about to shift these spoiled pups around and catch a quick nap before the Super Bowl later!

Have a GREAT day!  And GO PACK!!!

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Yes, I do hate that. I had a thought earlier today and when I sat down could not remember for the life of me what it was and I do keep a pad with me at all times. Mary and Bill's newest addition is precious. I am going to post her on my P365 next week.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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