23 February 2011

I'm sick. I have spring fever.

Yep.  I have it, and I have it baaaaadddddd!  The last few days haven't helped, either.  And having an intern isn't helping.  No, don't read that wrong.  I am loving having an intern, and Ashley is doing a fantastic job, but while she's teaching, my mind is wandering.  It's thinking about how gorgeous it is outside and how much it wishes it could be outside.  It's bad enough to have spring fever when I am teaching, but at least my mind is fairly occupied with the lesson.  **sigh**

When I was in high school, I never skipped school.  It was kind of hard since my mom worked at the elementary school and we rode together every day.  And being in a small school meant you didn't have the "opportunities" to leave school once you got there, if you know what I mean.  So my absences were always legitimate.  Until my senior year.  I decided (and Mom allowed me to) I needed to take a day off and go to the lake.  When I returned, I had her write me a note saying I was out the previous day with a bad case of spring fever.  I knew it wouldn't be excused, but I wanted to see what Mr. Woods would say.  I handed the note to him, he read it, looked over the top of his glasses at me, shook his head, and wrote "UNEX" on my admit slip.  hahaha 

Today, parents write their kids notes with the intention of getting the day(s) excused, even though they know the kid wasn't sick at all.  Even worse, some parents who have "connections" get doctor's notes.  It floors me that a parent would lie about that.  **double sigh**

Monday, I had to take my car back to the dealership because the check engine light came on two days after I had it serviced.  I didn't figure it was anything major (it wasn't), but I certainly didn't want to take any chances.  As a matter of fact, it took only about 5 minutes to discover the problem.  I had sent Susan a text to see if she would have time for coffee.  She did, so we were going to meet after she got off work.  Since I ended up taking 4th and 5th blocks off so I could get a jump on the traffic, and since it took no time at all at the dealership, I had about an hour or so to waste.  Hmmm...what to do, what to do.  I decided a pedicure would be nice (and one was desperately needed) so I found a walk-in place and got one.  The timing was perfect because just as I finished, Susan texted me to tell me she was on her way to Starbuck's. 

We decided to sit out on the patio because it was so nice.  The sun was warm on my face, and the breeze was just the perfect temperature.  And the company was awesome as well!  :)  I've said it before, but it bares repeating.  God truly blessed me when He put us both at Ben Russell.  I still think it's funny that He had our paths cross in so many other ways but never in a way that would lead to a lasting friendship until we were in our mid-20s.  It JUST dawned on me that our friendship is nearing twenty years!  Wow!!  It does not seem like it has been that long.

After getting my toes "did", I decided that I needed to wear shoes to show them off, so yesterday I wore my "dressy" Yellow Box wedge flip flops, and today I have on my black Born flip flops.  Karen has on a pair of Yellow Box ones today, too.  We were saying this morning that we know it's just the end of February, and we know that we'll have another cold snap, but it's just a flip flop day.  It would be fine with me if we started the REAL spring warm up now.  I could live with temps in the upper 60s to mid 70s from now until June. 

Ashley is completely taking over the classes today, so I'm hiding out in the upstairs lounge.  How easy would it be for me to slip out and enjoy some of this gorgeous sun?  I am SO tempted, but I know I need to be readily available IF anything were to go wrong.  **triple sigh**

I have used this morning to write a course proposal and sent it to Mr. Reyes, and I've gotten started on this week's assignment for my online class.  I need to finish that up so I'll be done for the week, so I guess I'll go for now.

Have a GREAT day and enjoy this sunshine!


Coffeypot said...

Spring feave is incurable, too. I have had it for 10 years and cannot find a cure for it.

Trina said...

I know! I've tried (although not very hard) to find a cure. The only one I've found is to sit for long hours in the sun.

I love my Crimson Tide!

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