30 January 2011

Family heirlooms

**Sorry about the quality of the pictures.  I did them very quickly with my phone.
Hull pottery -- Billie gave me the
center piece several years ago.

These lamps belonged to
Billie's Aunt Joyce.  She loved
Aunt Joyce just as much as
she loved her own mother.
The dressing table that went
with the bedroom suite.  It
belonged to Aunt Joyce, too.
The chest of drawers to the bedroom suite.

We made a quick trip to Hartselle this weekend to help get the rest of Billie's house done.  Quite a bit had already been done, but there were still things to box up for the Salvation Army and/or thrift store, and there was a ton that was to be hauled to the dump.  Poor Jay still has to go back Monday and finish taking a truck load.

John hadn't planned on getting anything.  He said there was really nothing we need, and other than upstairs, we don't have room for anything.  Connie had planned on getting the bedroom suite that Billie used, but she decided she didn't have room for it in her extra bedroom, so she was going to take just the bed.  John then said that if no one else wanted the dresser and chest of drawers, we would bring it here and put it upstairs.  They are antique pieces and he didn't want them to just be given away or sold to some random person.  It ended up that Connie didn't think she could make the bed fit, either, so Linda and Danny are taking it to the lake.  So all the pieces are still in the family, and who knows...someday, they may be "reunited."

Since Connie wasn't taking the bedroom suite, she decided not to take the lamps, either, so we said we'd bring them home too.  I'm going to use them in the living room.  I haven't quite decided exactly where their new "home" will be, yet, but I'm thinking about putting them on either end of the mantle.  I'll just have to get in there and play around to see where they belong. 

Like I said earlier, Billie had given me one of the Hull vases years ago.  I didn't even know the other two existed until about three years ago.  Of course, I never said anything about wanting them, too, but I was sure hoping I could get them.  (Being the in-law [even though Billie introduces me as her daughter], I didn't feel like it was my right to lay claim to something until Danny, Tim, or Connie said they didn't want it.)

It felt odd to be going through her belongings.  I've never gone through breaking up a home when the person was still living, but as much as we would love it, Billie will never be able to come home.  The only way it could happen would be to provide 24 hour care.  That costs a small fortune, and Billie doesn't have a small fortune.

There are still two outbuildings that need to be gone through.  Most of the stuff in them will probably end up going to the Salvation Army or to the dump.  John has said he would like to take the metal building to the lake to use for his tools and lawn equipment.  The problem will be getting it there.  :) 

On the way home yesterday, I began thinking about our house.  If something were to happen to John and me, would Katy and Jessi have the piles and piles and piles of stuff to go through?  I know there would be clothes, shoes...stuff like that, but will they shake their heads and wonder why Daddy and Trina kept this or that?  I know we have "stuff" but I really try not to save something just to save it.  (Of course, I don't have Alzheimer's either...) 

Guess that's it for now.  :)  Have a GREAT day!

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I love your new pieces. I too have wondered the same thing about my "stuf"...what will Kat think....breaking up a household is heartbreaking to me. There was once life there...and now it is gone and that has been difficult for me. When I go into my mom's I hear my parents sharing conversations. I hear Kat laughing...I won't go up by myself...because it is a bit creepy to me. LOL.

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