02 January 2011


My great-niece Maggie is the cutest kid--BLOND hair, big blue eyes, the sweetest smile.  And she is an absolute riot.

John and I spent the weekend with Danny, Linda, Amy, Allen, Will, and Maggie at the lake.  (Allen didn't get to come out until yesterday.)  Amy made a huge pot of taco soup for dinner Friday night (yummm!!!)  We were sitting at the table when Maggie turns around, looks at Will, and says, "Gobnut."  John and I nearly fell out of our seats laughing.  She kept us laughing the entire weekend, too.  She is always coming up with something funny.  I think Gobnut is going to be my new favorite pet name for people who irritate me.  It will be replacing Goober.  I think Gobnut is much cuter.  LOL

John and I went to the lake on Thursday.  He had planned on doing a few things at our place, but he didn't get much done.  Friday was a really nice day, but it ended up storming Friday night and Saturday was cold and icky.  It rained so much that the lake has come up about 5 feet since we got there.

We watched the Alabama-Michigan State game Saturday.  What a great game!  It was a fantastic way for our seniors to end their careers. Our underclassmen were able to get some playing time, so that's good for next year.  Now we're in a waiting game to see which of the juniors stay and which ones go.  And then we get to start gearing up for signing day.

I am so dreading the early alarm tomorrow, but I am looking forward to seeing my students again.  At least I'll have them for the next four days before I have to break in a new group.  I'll have an intern starting the 10th.  This will be the first intern I've had since I've been in the general education setting, so I'm excited!

Since tomorrow will be an early day, I'm going to say goodnight.  Hope you have a GREAT week!



I am looking forward to having coffee with you this morning. I have missed you like mad.

Ms. Marty said...

Did you ever find out what a "Gobnut" is? That Maggie Beth is one more funny little girl?
Amy & Allen are going to have to knock the boys away when (and if) she gets old enough to date.

Glad your week got started OK. Now it is time to do the old switcheroo.

Love you and tell Karen hello.

I love my Crimson Tide!

I really, REALLY mean this...

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